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Are You Frustrated With Marketing & Selling Online?

Do You Want to Find Customers Effortlessly Who Want to Buy From You?

Would You Like Help Putting All the Pieces Together Without Spending Thousands Per Month on Coaching?​

Then my NEW Strategic Profit Lab Coaching Group is for you...

Joey Ragona

Business & Marketing Strategist | Certified Email Marketing and Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist

Here's what Strategic Profit Lab Inner Circle is...

Strategic Profit Lab is a 100% interactive, inner-circle monthly membership delivered LIVE by video conference.

That means it’s more than just coaching.

It’s an up-to-the-minute behind the scenes look at what’s REALLY working in today’s overwhelming online business world so you can put all the moving parts together in coherent order.

Without it costing thousands per month for theory or out-dated stuff.

Why Strategic Profit Lab is A Great Investment...

You’ve probably spend considerable amounts of money on programs, coaching, tools, and training already…

So the Profit Lab was created for one reason only:

To help you make more money and profit NOW!


Because it’s built upon the success principles and marketing strategies working today.

Not on something that worked yesterday, or will STOP working a month from now.

It’s the hand-holding you need to navigate through the massive decisions and options out there so you can build and scale your business properly, with profit.

Here's How it Works...


Even though this is a monthly membership, you're NEVER chained to a contract.  The Strategic Profit Lab program is a very exclusive, unique live video-based coaching experience that you'll call home for as little or as long as you need. When you feel it's no longer a benefit - it's easy to cancel your monthly payment.


Every month we jump on a live video-conference call and you'll get Fresh NEW Marketing and Business Training.  These are 100% live and 100% interactive so you get all your questions answered.  I'll share the latest marketing funnels, sales letter and video scripts and frameworks, email copy, landing page design and so on. Each session runs as long as there are questions.


Each LIVE training and coaching session is recorded and placed into your private members areas.  So if you miss a session or if you just want to watch it again, you have all access for as long as you are a member.  PLUS, there are additional bonus trainings added every month that were not part of the LIVE sessions.


Watch over-the-shoulder as I teach you the latest marketing strategies and business methods working in our fast-paced world.  You'll be steps ahead of your competition who are still trying to use and figure out old, out-dated stuff.

You Get Best Practices Working Today in These Key Areas

Email Marketing and Copywriting

Guidance on writing killer email and sales letter / page copy that pulls people in to buy from you.

Product Launch and Sales Funnels

The most effective ways for you to market, launch and sell your stuff.

Monthly Playbook

Every month, you'll get an exclusive detailed playbook with campaigns, workflows, strategies, test results, etc to model in your business

Lead Generation & Marketing Campaigns

How to build your list with quality customers fast.

Productivity Systems, Best Practices and Tools

How to get more done in less time with new ways of doing things

Technology & social platforms

Learn how to connect technology tools and online platforms together so it works right the first time

Plus, we'll talk about

Joey Ragona

Certified Email Marketing & Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist

  • Opt-in pages, Sales pages, Webinar pages
  • Course delivery platforms
  • Membership sites
  • Content marketing
  • And so much more...

Is Strategic Profit Lab Right for You?


  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who have the basics in place but are trying to figure out how to move your business to the next level
  • If you're feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get past the first level of growth and experience in your business
  • If you're not yet making enough money from all the work and time you're putting in.
  • If you have an awesome product, service or business idea that will impact people in a positive way
  • You're willing to spend money to grow your business. That means you have to advertise and have some kind of budget...even if it's a small one.
  • If you need help putting systems in place or re-tooling your marketing, lead generation, sales process, etc.
  • If you know the value of coaching, and what it will do for you but you're on a limited budget


  • BizOpp people chasing money.
  • If you have immediate expectations of results without understanding you have to test and retest to perfect your system and business.
  • If you do NOT have a viable product or service that will help people in a positive way.  (Sorry, no MLM either - if your business model is about recruiting people, this is NOT for you.)


If you know Strategic Profit Lab is for you, there's no better time than RIGHT NOW to join.

Here's why.

I'm in the early adopter phase of this program.  That simply means I'm building the community and working out the bugs, learning more about you, and what you want covered. 

Once I get this dialled in, and there are at least 50 people enrolled in this phase, the price will go up.

What People Are Saying


Huge help to my business

Kate vanderVoort - Social Media Expert

Joey is the real deal and has been a huge help in my business. Take him up on the free consult and see if it's a fit! What do you have to lose?


He's the real deal

Devin Stubblefield - Financial Coach - Trainer - Speaker - Author

Just giving a shout out to Joey Ragona. He shared some things with me that really resonated and caused me to see how I can make a few adjustments to increase my conversions. He's the real deal!


Patient and committed to his clients

Lauren Jawno - High Performance Life Coach

"Joey is both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping entrepreneurs build their business through online marketing. His ability to make complex systems easy to understand and implement is so refreshing; as is his patience and commitment to his clients."


Joey stretches our minds

Monika & Vaughan Jazyk - Real Estate Investor Wealth Experts

"Our life was mass chaos - constantly filled with to do's. Joey makes us think of sh*t I need to think about. He has caused our business to has grown in ways it wouldn't be able to without his clarity & focus. Joey stretches our minds and ways of doing things so we can constantly expand our business"


Was able to get a quick grasp on my business

Tracey Lorenson

Feeling jazzed about acting on the very practical advice Joey gave me today on our coaching call. It was refreshing to find someone who could cut through all the bulls#%t and noise. In this very first call Joey was able to get a quick grasp on my business, to identify specific actionable changes I could make immediately to make more money, not in a year, but this month. Thanks so much for your time, one of the best hours I've spent since starting my business.


Amazing Business Coach

Mat Piche - Real Estate Agent and Investor

"Joey is an amazing business coach! He's helped me get focused, clear and energized about my business and goals. My life has never been the same since! If you're looking for a coach to take your business and life to the next level, there's no one better!"


If you want to learn from the best, then Joey is the guy

Tahani Aburaneh - Trainer and Coach to Professional Realtors, Investors and Entrepreneurs

If you want to learn from the best, organize and have structure in your business, then Joey is the guy. The best part is, you get someone who truly wants you to succeed and will challenge you to the core because Joey is a man of true integrity and has a unique ability to help you progress as an entrepreneur. He gives from the heart and will always be there when you need to talk to someone…he’s never turned me away. You need to know how sincere he is about helping others and making a difference. His mastermind sessions are great and his clients are getting amazing growth and value because they are doing whatever it takes to grow personally and professionally.

Here's My Guarantee

I don’t make claims. But when it comes to this stuff, I feel I have to set the record straight. Here's the deal. THIS STUFF TAKES WORK. If you’re unwilling to invest some time and effort by testing and re-testing things, then I guarantee you’ll struggle and continue wandering on to the next shiny thing. There’s NO promise or implication of your future earnings when you join my programs. And, guess what, there's NO typical result when it comes to making money with this stuff. In fact, most people who buy “business building” programs and coaching rarely get any results at all. It’s like the person who buys a piece of exercise equipment expecting to look like the actor in the commercial. The bottom line is, nothing ever works right the first time. THAT’S pretty typical…at least it is for me and the students already enrolled. If business was easy, EVERYONE would do it. If you’re looking for someone to give you a "magic formula" or an “easy button” that’ll make you money tomorrow, I’m not your guy and you should NOT join this program. Better you know now than be disappointed later.


$794 Value - FREE!

Business Breakthrough Training

$247 value - FREE

This is the core training that teaches you about the 4 Freedom Activators so you can have a successful business


Lead Machine Training

$497 value - FREE

The LIVESTREAM recording of how to build a lead generation machine that boosts income, fees and sales automatically without you making a single sales call.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who Are You, and Why Should I Listen To You?

What are you teaching?

How long do I have access to the membership area?

How can I get a refund?

Why should I invest in this coaching instead of buying the programs?

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