Personal Clarity Consultation

One-on-one coaching with Joey Ragona
( via Skype or Telephone )


50-minute session just $97

What Will You Get From Your Personal Clarity Session?

In this personal and private consultation, you'll have full access to ask me anything you want so I can help you build your business and lifestyle freedom.

I will help you get crystal clear about what you’re looking to accomplish. We'll identify what's truly blocking you and  the most important business elements you need to focus on.  We’ll strategize and work 100% on you and your  challenges.  We’ll work on leveraging your time and map out specific NEXT action steps.

There are three sessions to choose from:





What people are saying about working with Joey Ragona

50-minute session just $97


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Before I started working with Joey, I found myself running in circles chasing customers, JV partners, etc. Thankfully, he gave me a great system to follow and it changed everything. I learned how to focus on my business and specific customers and now people are coming to ME!

Mat P.

" My challenges were like a lot of others - time management, and being reactive instead of proactive in my business."  I was the Queen of making excuses and had problems shutting out distractions when I came to Joey.  I learned to become more aware of what was holding me back and learned to let go of things. Joey gave me the tools necessary to schedule my days so I can balance my family and work time.

Beverly F.

Get the Clarity & Structure You Need

There's never enough hours in the day - especially when you are in a fog about what to do next, overwhelmed by the amount of work and feeling unmotivated because you may not have the proper structure to keep you moving in the right direction.  Your personal clarity consultation will identify the biggest obstacle and give you a new way to be productive and organized so you keep moving forward in your life and business.

It's Your Turn Now

You've already gathered the fundamental information but may be wondering how to apply it all. You're probably not yet making enough money for all the work & time you're putting in. And if you haven't put systems in place yet or you need help re-tooling the business systems, marketing, lead generation and so on, this is for you.

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