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business lessons from wonder woman

Business Lessons from Wonder Woman

[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”480″] Download This Episode Business Lessons from Wonder Woman Transcript: ~ begin transcript ~ Yesterday, I saw the Wonder Woman movie. Powerful…is the best word I can use to describe this movie. In so many ways. I gotta admit, I was emotionally moved at points throughout the film. Just because of what […]

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read faster

How to read faster

Some people have asked me how to read faster. So I wanted to share a few of my own tips and methods with you here. You’ll often hear me say that learning to read faster has allowed me to “read a book a week.” For a lot of people, reading just ONE or TWO a […]

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[TEL Episode 0021] Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”480″] Download This Episode Download This Episode ~begin transcript~ Another book arrived for my library today. It’s Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans. The reason I’m telling you this is because Tim has focused on ONE thing throughout his life, that’s made him pretty successful. And I’ve done the same thing – not […]

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2017 New Year

Why 2017 New Year is Your Year!

My friend, Here we are. 2017 New Year. All I ask of you is this: Be aware that your life will have UPs this year. Things will turn around for you. You will have many moments of pure joy and optimism. You’ll feel unstoppable. And you’ll also hit the wall. Because that’s what life brings. […]

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how to have a better new year

How to have a better New Year with ONE exercise

If you want to know how to have a better new year, I want to share the ONE exercise I use all the time. I’ll also throw in a “BONUS” you can use to prioritize your day. But we’ll get to that later. Truth is, this ONE exercise has 4-simple questions.  And they work ALL […]

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