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digital marketing and analytics

The Must-Have Digital Marketing and Analytics

When it comes to Digital Marketing and Analytics, you really need to keep a close eye. So I figured I’d give you this short and easy list of the metrics you need to measure. Even though I’m not a data analysis freak, there are a few key metrics I want to keep track of for […]

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email marketing plan

A Failed Email Marketing Plan You Want To Avoid

If you’re email marketing plan is about SCRAPING EMAILS… If you’re “hacking” and “chopping” your way into people’s inboxes… STOP right now! Here’s what I’m talking about. There are some “genius” email marketing dudes out there (you know I’m being sarcastic, right) who will sell you an email marketing plan like grabbing people’s email addresses […]

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best marketing plan

The Best Marketing Plan Ever

By total mistake, I’ve found the best marketing plan ever. And I want to share it with you. I recognized the power of this marketing plan after getting my newest coaching client this month. Because I didn’t have to do ANYTHING. She didn’t come into my world through marketing. That means she didn’t opt-in for […]

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email list building strategies

Email list building strategies: why unsubscribers are good!

A coaching client asked me about email list building strategies and was worried  “if I send emails weekly, people will be bothered and they’ll unsubscribe” THIS IS GOOD! One thing you have to realize about email marketing is this: QUALITY – not QUANTITY. There’s a lot of “email marketing teachers” that will tell you a […]

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creating your marketing message

Are You Creating Your Marketing Message Effectively?

I Want to SHARE something about creating your marketing message with you: Today on a coaching call with a long time client, we were talking about “usual” stuff… How to monetize stuff, how to get more people into a funnel and offer them some cool stuff, what to do WHEN they’re on our list, etc… […]

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