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3 Must-Know Internet Marketing Questions

internet marketing questions

To help you know who your market is, I want to share these 3 must-have internet marketing questions… I can’t stress enough…how important this is. I know we’re all familiar with the ‘customer avatar’ exercises…and you’ve more than likely done a bit of brainstorming about ‘who’ this persona is…   related: How are you finding new […]

A Failed Email Marketing Plan You Want To Avoid

email marketing plan

If you’re email marketing plan is about SCRAPING EMAILS… If you’re “hacking” and “chopping” your way into people’s inboxes… STOP right now! Here’s what I’m talking about. There are some “genius” email marketing dudes out there (you know I’m being sarcastic, right) who will sell you an email marketing plan like grabbing people’s email addresses […]

The Best Marketing Plan Ever

best marketing plan

By total mistake, I’ve found the best marketing plan ever. And I want to share it with you. I recognized the power of this marketing plan after getting my newest coaching client this month. Because I didn’t have to do ANYTHING. She didn’t come into my world through marketing. That means she didn’t opt-in for […]