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How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel

sales funnel

You’ve got a product or service and want to optimize your sales funnel because you’re not getting the sales you expect. Even though you’re advertising on the Facebooks 🙂 So the first thing we do, is think our sales funnel doesn’t work. Well, it’s kinda true… …but it’s probably not the ENTIRE funnel that’s broken. […]

3 Must-Know Internet Marketing Questions

internet marketing questions

To help you know who your market is, I want to share these 3 must-have internet marketing questions… I can’t stress enough…how important this is. I know we’re all familiar with the ‘customer avatar’ exercises…and you’ve more than likely done a bit of brainstorming about ‘who’ this persona is…   related: How are you finding new […]

How to Write Headlines So You Can Position Your Product Better

how to write headlines

Headlines are so important when it comes to marketing…so when I’m working with clients and tweaking their copy, it’s one of the first places we start. Why? Because if people aren’t reading your headlines, they won’t read the rest of your copy. Headlines are the bridge between your product and your customer. You’ve gotta get […]

How to Sell: The Most Important Thing to Know About Sales

how to sell

When it comes to marketing and copy – and knowing how to sell… The most important thing you need to know is… Your customers don’t have a clue about what they want. So it’s critically important that YOU know what they really want, so you can explain it BETTER… And they BUY from you. That’s […]