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scarcity marketing

Rethink Your Scarcity Marketing

Scarcity Marketing is all about INTEGRITY. Do you have it in your business? Or are you just chasing money and using tactics like false scarcity? Here’s why I ask. I ran a 5-day promotion. That’s a long time. During the promotion, I didn’t send out the usual 2 emails a day, and then 4 on […]

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marketing sales funnel

Your Marketing Sales Funnel WILL Suck!

OK let’s get something about your marketing sales funnel out of the way straight off the top. YOU ARE GONNA HAVE A FUNNEL / CAMPAIGN THAT SUCKS. It’s inevitable. So the longer you wait around, trying to perfect things…making sure it’s perfect so you don’t lose money… They LONGER it will take to actually MAKE […]

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sales copy

How to Write Sales Copy

One of the best ways to write sales copy is to LEAD with the best. In other words, don’t wait to let people know about your awesome offer. Let them know what your BEST BENEFIT is. Too often, we wait until the last part of our sales page, email, whatever, to “reveal” our offer. Because […]

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writing copy

Writing Copy That Converts

When writing copy to convert people…here’s what you need to know: They only care about themselves. Your prospect doesn’t care about how fancy your stuff is. They only care about what it will do for them. How it will make them feel. They only care about rule #1 Sure, you know this already. The challenge […]

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best marketing plan

The Best Marketing Plan Ever

By total mistake, I’ve found the best marketing plan ever. And I want to share it with you. I recognized the power of this marketing plan after getting my newest coaching client this month. Because I didn’t have to do ANYTHING. She didn’t come into my world through marketing. That means she didn’t opt-in for […]

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