Why You Should Be Marketing in Facebook

marketing in facebook

It was June 30th at our quarterly meeting where I was talking about marketing in Facebook.

My Platinum coaching clients staring at me…


What’s THIS all about?

Because every quarter I share some “new” stuff I just learned about the online business world.

Eager to implement.

Excited to see how it helps my clients.

Marketing in Facebook: ALL in

So, I decided to start a 12-week test with Facebook ads.

I know.

Nothing ground-breaking, right?

But here’s the deal.

If you’ve NEVER really done heavy marketing in Facebook, so it IS ground breaking to commit to it.

Yea, I’ve dabbled in ads…spent a few hundred here and there…

I even thought I knew what I was talking about when it came to Facebook and my online business.

But I never had ‘real’ data to analyze before.

So I stood up and told the group “my 12-week commitment is to sell 200 copies of my product.

To do that, I’m gonna run Facebook ads and a webinar a week.

I have no idea what’s gonna happen. But when we meet back here in September, I’ll have a LOT of data and experience to share.”

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’m FIGHTING the inner voices…the saboteur that says “dude, this ISN’T the “right” time to be testing your online business and trying marketing in Facebook. It’s summer. PLUS, nobody’s gonna wanna sit on a webinar and buy your shit while it's hot outside.”

I don’t care.

Because come September, there will be another excuse right?

I’ve dabbled with marketing in Facebook long enough to know we’ll always come up with every excuse why we can’t, or shouldn’t do it now.

So I’m “out there.”

From all of the mentors, coaches, colleagues (thank you guys/gals) I’ve had in my life, all of the successful ones give the same advice:

“just get started.”

It’s the most profound advice you’ll ever hear.

Because we all have some reason why we can’t.

But it’s the ones who take a leap of faith that usually win.

What’s that quote? “You never fail. You either win or learn something.”

’Nuff said.

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