3 Must-Know Internet Marketing Questions

internet marketing questions

To help you know who your market is, I want to share these 3 must-have internet marketing questions…

I can't stress enough…how important this is.

I know we're all familiar with the ‘customer avatar' exercises…and you've more than likely done a bit of brainstorming about ‘who' this persona is…


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But I challenge you.

Are you OBSESSED with knowing everything about your market?

If you're not, and you look at the audience exercises as just a ‘one-time' deal…I have to say, you're missing out.

Here's why I'm telling you this.

EVERY single week, I will have conversations with people (chats, emails, whatever) about “how to get more leads and sales”

So I ask people these 3 internet marketing questions:

The FIRST thing I ask is:

“WHO are you selling to?”

The SECOND thing I ask is:

“What problem do they have?”

The THIRD question I ask (if they've gotten past the first two without being abstract) is…

“How does your product/service SOLVE that problem, while impacting their lives in a positive way?”

Now, you may be looking at those internet marketing questions and thinking “ok Joey, show my something I don't already know…”

But again. I challenge you.

If I woke you up at 3am and asked you to answer those very same questions in your half-conscious state of mind, COULD you clearly tell me everything that would make me want to BUY from you?

If you struggle with answering any of those questions, and listing off at least 5 or more points to each…you haven't tapped into your market well enough.

WHY is this important?

Because the next thing people ask me is..

“Can you help me write a better opt-in/sales page?” or “Will you look at my email campaign and tell me what to say so I can sell more?”


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Here's the deal.

As much as I LOVE COPYWRITING and analyzing my client's stuff…the truth is…it's STILL our best guess.

I'm no magic bullet.

And if you have anyone telling you they are – even the best copywriters in the world – run.

Wanna know who IS an expert in your market to answer those internet marketing questions?

You got it.

Your prospects and customers.

And in my opinion, we should be listening to every word they say.

We need to model they way they describe their situations.

So if you're not out there actively listening to them EVERY WEEK…you're missing out.

That's just my opinion.

If you agree with me,  getting the answers to those standard, but important internet marketing questions doesn't have to be hard.

It's just part of your TO-DO list.

The bonus to all of this is you'll be ‘speaking' your market's language.

You'll connect with them on a deeper level.

People are constantly telling me how I've “gotten inside their head” when they get my emails for example.

The reason is, I've listened to them…and repeated back what they've said in my copy.

And that's why I'm obsessed with knowing my customers!

It will work just as well for you!


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