How to Write a Headline That Works


To grab the attention of a competitive market, I want to give you some tips on how to write a headline that works.

Perhaps your ad or sales page isn’t drawing the attention you’d like?

Whenever I’m analyzing a clients’ copy, I take a look at the promise in the headlines first.

Because headlines are obviously the main part that’s going to draw the reader further into the copy, am I right?

So here’s the deal.

In today’s competitive marketplace..

…it’s very hard to get someone to believe us if we’re making the same claim in our headlines.


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An example of this, is the buzz about “keto” diets.

I googled a bit – and found the headlines on sales pages all say the same thing.

Example of How to Write A Headline

When this was first introduced, the “ketosis” method was big. It interrupted the market.

At the same time, the market needed to become educated on what “ketosis” was.

We can argue that some of the market still needs to know what it is.

(BTW, I really have no clue about it, I’m just coming at this from a copywriting and marketing example)

However, I want to focus on the other part of the market. The part that is always on top of new diets and quickly absorbed the ketosis diet thingy.

These people no longer need to be sold “amazing keto diets”

Instead, the targeting of the headline need to be refined.

In other words, I would argue the diet market is in the “heard that, seen that before” phase.

So what do we do?

We focus on the mechanism of our product:

Not the overall promise of “losing weight with keto”

Because yea, EVERYBODY wants to lose weight.

But what KIND of weight?

Can you give me the “ 5 Minute Recipes That Busts Belly Fat”?

I would argue that’s pretty specific – wouldn’t you?

Problem is, I hear from clients who tell me “yea, but Joey, the keto will help for ALL weight and even other things like cholesterol, etc”

I tell ‘em “pick your path dude”

Which is the entire point of this post.

THAT'S how to write a headline that works!

What does your product do SPECIFICALLY?

What's the process?

How about:

“Drop 1 pant size a month by doing XYZ” ?  (The XYZ is your 3 step process drilled down)

I would think that speaks to women more than men…not that us dudes don’t want to drop a pant size – but we’d probably be more relatable to “drop a belt size” know what I mean?

BTW – don’t use this stuff – I’m just making it up off the top of my head. I don’t know if it’s true or not or if Facebook would allow such a claim.

It’s just here to get you thinking 🤔 about your mechanism.


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So, if you’re in a competitive market, like the diet industry, real estate, financial services, whatever …

STOP promoting your product , and start promoting your mechanism

“let’s make it simple”

– Joey

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