Help! My (NO) Life is Ruining My Business Freedom

business freedom

If you don’t have business freedom and time in your day (yes – EVERY day) to “walk barefoot in the grass”…

You’re screwed.

There’s no other way to put it.

Because I’ll tell you something straight up…

Trying to build your business so you can get these types of business freedom days in the future is a battle most entrepreneurs and small business owners lose.

Because they gamble away the “NOW” moments for something better in the future.

In the end, they’ve traded away their lives.

I’ve witnessed it – I WAS living and following the path of my dad, and I’m here to tell you it’s a bet you can’t win.

How To Get More Business Freedom

In reading this far, you’ve probably already guessed, that I’m not a typical “rah-rah” coach or motivational dude.

I do my best work when challenging you.

Because I’ve watched so many entrepreneurs throw away moments of their lives for just “one more email”, to “finish the last piece of paperwork”…and so on for business freedom later.

It’s a lifeless loop.

Entrepreneurs constantly tell me “I have no time to X”

“Then WHY are you in business?” I’ll ask.

Their eyebrows raise like they’ve never been asked that direct question before.

It stops them DEAD in their tracks.

Seriously – you could quit what you’re doing right now and just get a nice job so you can at least punch the clock in and out and let THEM worry about shit.

Then you’ll have your nights and weekends to do more of walking in the grass barefoot.

Instead, in the most disbelieving voice, they'll say “I’m in business to GET more freedom.”


“So you’ve chosen to work 18 hours a day rather than 8 to…um…let’s go over this again:


And you’re telling me you’re so busy to take 5 minutes, to get up from your email, from the technical problems, the computer work, the hiring, firing, hiring, firing, re-hiring, firing, managing and all the other stuff that goes on in your business?”


“Get a life” I’ll bark at them.

Too harsh?

Too bad.

I've watched my father sacrifice his life – literally.

And although I learned the most valuable business lessons from him, at 57 when Cancer said “you better start living because you only have 3 years left”, he scrambled to do that.

And I’m betting you know someone who is “grinding” to the bone just as much…

Maybe that person is standing in front of you, hoping something will happen to balance the scale when you look in the mirror.

People tell me they want “work-life balance…”



Trouble is, they're balancing the wrong shit at the wrong time.

Here’s how you can spot these peeps:

They’re on their phone at their kid’s soccer games…

Whatever – “catching up.”

Yet they miss the moment their kid looks over to see if they saw them do that cool kick.

They’re thinking about the school play they’re missing  sitting at work with twenty-one windows open on their desktop “multi-tasking” so they can “get home as soon as possible honey…”


Get a life.

Because without a life, you’ve got no business.

Read that again.

And if you think “productivity” is the answer…

Here’s how you increase productivity:

Do more of the stuff OUTSIDE of your work that totally turns you on – that recharges you.

YOU have the ability and choice to do this.

A typical Joe-Blow working dude has to pray for the weekend every week.

YOU don’t.

MAKE your weekend ANY DAY you want.

So I’ll leave you with this: one day in a private mastermind with John Assaraf, he asked me “what are you willing to trade your life for? “

And before I do anything work related, even picking up the phone when it rings randomly without a call scheduled, I look at this pic staring at me over my computer every day”

John Assaraf quote

Get a life.

What are your thoughts? Let's get a conversation going below!

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