The Goal of Marketing

goal of marketing

What is the goal of marketing?

I was training with Rich Schefren the other day, and copied down this pic:

goal of marketing

When you look at how simple the goal of marketing is, it really makes you think differently about your approach doesn’t it?

Let me explain:

Some entrepreneurs think the goal of marketing is to make the sale.

That’s not how I see it.

The goal of marketing is to capture the attention of prospects who will benefit from what you have to offer.

We’ve heard over and over again about adding “value” to people’s lives, right?

But WHAT is “VALUE” in the eyes of the prospect?

I believe the value we offer a prospect is helping them understand how much WE understand THEM.

Take a look at the picture again.

Do you see the interception point?

THAT’S the goal of marketing

To intercept the person’s life by sharing YOUR life experiences with them.

At the point of interception, the goal of marketing is to help the prospect understand that if they hitch their wagon to you, you’ll help them grow faster and easier than if they never met you in the first place.

THIS is why it’s so important to share your story.

Share your stories of struggle, adversity, failures, successes, wins and so on.

In coaching handful of entrepreneurs over the past five years, this is one area they are afraid of.

For some reason, they believe they need to show themselves as resilient beings.

Someone who is successful and never fails.

To me – that’s not genuine. We ALL have failed at something in our lives. And the more we have failed and kept going, the better it is for our prospects to see and hear that.

Your prospects WANT someone to lead them

When they “meet” you in your marketing, make sure you are sharing those stories.

It could be that you were “once where they were” and now you’re miles ahead of them – and you can help them do the same thing.

But it comes back to relating to them NOW. Understanding where they are in their lives.

That’s the goal of marketing in my opinion.

It’s to CONNECT to your audience and polarize everyone else.

And that concept alone freaks many entrepreneurs out. “What, you want me to ONLY talk to these people over here? I can help EVERYONE though…”

That’s a topic for a whole other discussion.

The point is, the goal of marketing for you is to display the stories RELATE to your specific prospect so when they “meet” you, the necessity of “selling” is diminished.

What are your thoughts? Let’s get a conversation going below

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