Digital Marketing Resources & Tools to Use

If you want to save time and focus on building your online business, these tools will help you automate key marketing activities and save you thousands of dollars and hours of headache dealing with freelancers.

Because I am in this every day, I am committed to finding the best solutions for you.  So I am continually testing what is working best and how you can save your own money testing tools to find the right ones for your online business.  You can be certain that the tools listed here are working and I have personally put them through rigorous testing.

To be totally transparent, many of the links you find here are affiliate links.  That means if you buy from them, I may get a commission.  Sometimes, you will get a better discount using these links - if not, just know that prices are never increased just to compensate me.

email marketing automation, CRM and shopping cart


You need an email service provider to deliver your emails to your specific targeted audiences.  Infusionsoft is THE industry standard that everyone else models.  You will not get better automation elsewhere - and before deciding on a less expensive service, think about how your business will grow and the cost of switching from a 'free' or less expensive service without the capability of Infusionsoft later - such as rebuilding all your email campaigns and moving your contacts over.

course delivery platform

New Kajabi

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that allows you to sell, market and deliver your content. They continuously improve the product and have allowed me to cancel subscriptions to other tools that I needed to use and piece together.  I highly recommend them.

brainstorm - note taking - organization


By far, this is the most used tool for me.  I use it for simple brainstorming ideas to organizing course content, and even keeping swipe file data on my competitors.  The best part is you have this available anywhere on any device and it's totally synced.  You can start with the free version (which is super powerful) and then move to the paid version once you see you can't live without it like me :-)

file storage and organization


These days we need access to our files everywhere we go.  PLUS, we need the extra layer of protection.  Dropbox makes this super easy.  Your files are backed up automatically and available on any device.  The best part is, dropbox is FREE.  If you outgrow the space, you can always upgrade to the paid version.

password log and security


Stop trying to remember all your passwords. This FREE tool will store all your passwords securely and you only have to remember ONE password from now on.  It will automatically fill-in password boxes and log you in at the same time.

Business & Productivity 

tracking and productivity

Daily Habits and Tracking 

Our quality of life and business depends on the habits we create. To insert positive, productive, healthy daily routines constructively, you can quickly get a sense of forward momentum and accomplishment.