How to clean your email list for better email marketing


In this short video series, you'll discover how to clean your email list using email marketing best practices so your email marketing delivers better.

Part 1

In part 1, I’ll show you how to clean your email list of people who are not engaging with you and are only dead weight for your list. By removing these people the right way, you’ll increase your email marketing and deliverability 10x.

Part 2

In this second part, you’ll learn how to move your unengaged contacts to mail chimp, so you can preserve the email addresses…and still keep your main email list clean and effectively delivering emails.

Part 3

Now it’s time to put the dead leads you’ve exported from you main list to work for you…we’re going to upload them to a custom audience in you can re-target and market to them.

Part 4

In this final piece, you’ll learn how to remove the list of unengaged contacts from your main email list so you can ensure better deliverability for your email marketing.

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