How to Align Your Business Priorities So You Can Work Less, More Effectively and Watch Your Business Grow


If you want to get your business priorities aligned, it’s important to first know which activities consume your time in a typical week?

Most entrepreneurs are pressed for time and after doing this short business priorities exercise, they realize where a lot of their time is wasted so they can turn their business around by focusing on the right business priorities priorities every day.

Business Priorities Steps:

Step 1.

The first way you do align your business priorities is to list the activities that consume your typical working day.

From the “small” 10-minute stuff like quickly checking email, to the bigger, time consuming activities like phone calls and meetings.  Writing down the specifics are going to help you here.

Because all this stuff is more than likely misaligned with your true business priorities.

You’ll find a handy activities list in the download below.

Step 2.

Second, once you’ve defined all the activities taking up your typical day, it’s time to list YOUR top 3 activities that not only propel your business forward, but the ones that YOU do BEST.

When you have them written down, add in how much time you spend on them, as a percentage, per day.

Step 3.

The last step is to calculate how much effective, productive time you are leaving on the table – and you can follow the easy formulas in the download provided here to do that.

Easy stuff –

So now that you know how much productive, focused time you are actually doing, it’s time to INCREASE that productive time, don’t you agree?

I really hope this helped you and if it did, I’d love for you to share it with someone else.

At the same time, leave me a comment below to let me know how it goes for you!

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