Get The Success Habits To Unlocking Productivity and Freedom in your Business...So You Can Live An Epic Life 

Without Working Longer, Harder or Being A Slave to Your Business Every Day

You Are One Step Away From Business Clarity

96% of entrepreneurs are spinning their wheels working IN their business. This 4-Step Framework moves you from confusion to clarity, frustration to focus, overwhelm to organized and procrastination to productivity.



Gain complete clarity about you and your business and where you are going so you make better decisions



Take back control of your day using simple strategies to avoid being reactive and giving in to distraction


How to get more quality prospects and turn them into customers.


Get your team, employees, assistants all on the same page so your business runs smoothly.

The On-Demand 4-Step Framework to Freedom:


We break down how clarity fits into the importance of building your business.  You'll learn your passions, talents and authentic behaviours.  We'll dive into your beliefs, values and habits as well inside this module so you can identify what holds you back from success.

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    un-cover limiting beliefs and fears
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    define your “why” and connect it to what you truly want so you keep moving forward
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    discover the business niche your talents are best suited to serve
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    figure out exactly where you are going with clear direction

This module is all about control.  Your mindset, your time, your energy, and your finances. Without control of these categories, you can't grow the business the way you want to and have freedom at the same time.

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    remove destructive habits and procrastination
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    learn the insider secrets of high-performers
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    learn to be productive every day  - even when you don’t feel up to it

Customers are the lifeblood of your business.  If you're not getting leads, prospects and turning them into customers...your business will die.  This module shows you how to get more without chasing after anyone and everyone.

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    learn modern marketing for todays’ customers
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    learn list building best practices
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    learn influence and persuasion for effective sales
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    learn the most effective copywriting methods

How to get the right people in your business so you can effectively step away from the daily operations.  You'll learn how to find "A-Players" so you can get more done and leave the stuff you don't like doing to others.

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    learn how to break free of the daily business operations
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    learn leadership skills
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    learn how to create your operations manual


What do our past students think of the course?


Now I have strategies, tools and techniques...

Now I feel like I have strategies, tools, and techniques, that are very very tangible and real and I can implement in my everyday business

Jenny McKaig , Author / Writing Coach

I believe I can reach the goals I have

I believe I can reach the goals that I have, and I bumped it up just a bit because of it.

Rene Masse , Real Estate Investor

What You'll Be Learning

  • What 86% of entrepreneurs do every day that’s killing their freedom
  • 8 main struggles of entrepreneurs
  • How to identify the reason for your business set-back
  • The B.V.H. and why it’s important
  • How to set up success rituals to do every day so you can reach goals faster and eliminate distractions
  • How to define lifestyle boundaries so you actually have more freedom and stop working in your business 18 hours a day
  • How to clear the mental clutter so you can focus on priorities and get the right things done faster
  • The ultimate prioritizing strategy - even if you think you’ve got too much on the go, this will help you choose the RIGHT thing to do in less than 5 minutes.
  • How to stay focused so you can get things done
  • Top secrets about productivity and get more done in less time.
  • The ultimate organization method that helps you stimulate new ideas, allows you to pick up where you left off easily and handle more complex ideas
  • What to do if you want to have sustained energy all day long without the mid-afternoon crash or looking for a sugar boost.
  • How to gain an extra 2 hours EVERY DAY so you can spend time alone, reading, etc.
  • What the M.O.M. is and why it’s critical to your business so you can step away from the daily operations
  • How to find and hire  “A-Players” that will replace you in parts of your business so you can focus on what you do best
  • The right questions to ask when you’re hiring people so you can pick out the stars
  • How to outsource the work you hate to do to the right people.
  • How to effectively keep control of your team and employees without standing by their side micro-managing them every day
  • The 3 questions you should be asking your employees at the end of each day.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Strategic Business Academy, we believe this course will transform your business and life. We're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

Our Core Values:

No Sacrifice

Our mission is to ensure entrepreneurs STOP sacrificing their lives, and special moments for their business.  We are ALL about freedom...but we are against "grinding" just to be successful while other parts of our lives and relationships suffer. You can have both - freedom and a successful business.  You just need to know how to balance the two without giving anything up in return.

Total Guarantee

EVERYTHING we do comes with our no B.S. guarantee.  That means we stand behind all our products, promotions, workshops, training...whatever it is.  We feel that when a company doesn't want to extend a complete money back guarantee, they aren't convinced their product or service will do what they claim.  That's not cool.  We know our products and services will improve your business and life.  However, we also know that sometimes they will not be a fit.  We want to take as much of the risk away from you as possible so you are assured anything that is unsatisfactory to you will be refunded within the time frames offered for each product.

Zero False Promises

We refuse to play the game of promising you'll make millions of dollars if you buy and apply our training.  We won't insult your intelligence.  Because we both know building a business takes work.  Even though it's fun,  creative and filled with possibilities - what it is not is easy or effortless.


We don't use false scarcity tactics or pretend that we're live on webinars when we're not.  We don't have countdown timers that reset every time you refresh the page.  What we say is real - it's true...and when we make mistakes, we own up to them.

100% Commitment to Your Success

If you're looking for a get-rich-quick method...we are NOT your solution.  This stuff is HARD.  It takes work and risk.  You can build a business that gives you time and freedom, but it will take work...and things will probably not work the first time.  If you are willing to work for it, we are committed to helping you every step of the way and being there when things do go wrong.  However, we are only half of the equation.  If business was easy, everyone would be rich. 

Never-Ending Improvement

We invest in, and test new tools, trainings, innovation, strategies and methods so we can actually deliver what works to you unfiltered without the hype or fluff.  We make it a part of our mission to share the newest technologies, hacks and frameworks that are working without you having to invest the time, energy, frustration and money to figure it all out on your own.

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