Breakthrough Thinking for Your Email Marketing

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WARNING: Before you read this post on email marketing, just know there's heavy language throughout.

You’re not liked.

Someone out there can’t stand you.

How does that feel?

Not cool – right?

Here’s the deal.

If you want to make any sort of impact in this world…

If you want to really help other people with the gifts you have…

You’re going to piss off a few people.

I’ve known this one for a long time.

In fact, when I was DJ-ing, I pissed off a lot of people.

I didn’t care.

And I don’t care today either.

But there’s a difference from then to now.

For me, back then I had ‘something to prove’. In other words, I had a chip on my shoulder.

And even though I was good at what I did…I made enemies.

Like I said, I didn’t care.

But there’s a difference between not caring what people think because you put them in the “they're assholes anyway category”

And not caring what people think because you have a pure message to share with the world, knowing full well that in order to get to the right people, you have to repel the noisemakers.

Knowing that’s how the world works.

And THAT’S what you’re all about.

So am I.

The reason I’m telling you this is because, for whatever reason, I went into checking my unsubscribe report for the past year.

I don’t get that many.

And I get VERY few who actually go to the trouble of giving the extra feedback.

But curiosity got me. I read the 6 “feedback” thingys I got over the past year.

From “this is the worst spam I ever got” to “Your fucking annoying emails are brutal”.

But the best one…

Was this:

email marketing - opt-out example

Notice the feedback. “You send too much shit”

Notice the date.

Now, here we are…not even a year later:

email marketing - customer account

That’s the same dude’s account today – after opting out, and back in to buy my product.

I didn’t CHANGE anything in the way I do email marketing.


That’s a lie. I actually TURNED UP my “shit”.

I have never done email marketing as “aggressively” as I have this past year.


This is for anyone listening.

We have to get over ourselves.

We aren’t going to please everyone.

I think 6 REAL complaints over a year is pretty dang good.

AND, ONE of ‘em actually came back to BUY from me.

If you’re offering REALLY good stuff to the market, be prepared that you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try.

EVERYONE will have a perception of you.

Just keep going and look for those 20% gems that are out there –

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