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writing copy

Writing Copy That Converts

When writing copy to convert people…here’s what you need to know: They only care about themselves. Your prospect doesn’t care about how fancy your stuff is. They only care about what it will do for them. How it will make them feel. They only care about rule #1 Sure, you know this already. The challenge […]

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finding new customers

How are you finding new customers?

When it comes to finding new customers, I can summarize the strategy into one sentence for you: “Chasing too many customers can escalate marketing and selling costs” It never fails. Clients are always trying to rationalize why they need to serve MORE customer channels when they’re out finding new customers. In other words, they’re being […]

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linkedin lead generation

FAIL: LinkedIN Lead Generation

OK – this is HUGE pet peeve of mine when it comes to selling and “linkedin lead generation” I stumbled on a post inside LinkedIN…it’s not mine, but I totally commented on it, which I’ll share in a minute. Here’s the deal. (again, this is how I feel and operate/teach my clients – and, I’m […]

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new business idea

Is Your New Business Idea Sustainable?

How do you know if your new business idea is good enough to sustain itself? In a nutshell, all the business training out there will suggest you do the research. I’m sure you know that. It’s business 101. So I won’t make this another post about ideal customer avatars and all of that. If you […]

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[TEL Episode 0021] Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”480″] Download This Episode Download This Episode ~begin transcript~ Another book arrived for my library today. It’s Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans. The reason I’m telling you this is because Tim has focused on ONE thing throughout his life, that’s made him pretty successful. And I’ve done the same thing – not […]

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