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More Time, More Money and More Freedom

~ begin transcript ~ People say to me all the time “Joey, all I want is more time, more money and more freedom” Is THAT all? How MUCH money? How MUCH Time? How MUCH freedom? Have you faced this?  Have you ever spoken with someone who gives you such a broad answer it can fit […]

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How to get life balance

~ begin transcript ~ One of the things I’ve learned (and there’s tonnes I’m gonna share with you) after coaching & teaching so many people, is that we don’t live our lives in compartments… In other words, every part of our lives are interconnected. When one part is not right, it ultimately affects another. It […]

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Are you crazy enough to believe in your dream?

My saboteur voice would say “That’s crazy” “It’s impossible”. So I have to fight it. I don’t give a shit how crazy “he” thinks it is. What am I talking about? Simple. Yesterday I was in a deep conversation about living your truth – believing in something you are willing to fight for. About not […]

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First off – welcome. I’m super excited about this journey we’re going to take together. Now a confession. I really didn’t know how to ‘start’ this blog. What should I write about first? How do I get people interested in what I’m talking about? I struggled until now trying to “put it all together” and […]

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